Logistics Services: What You Should Know

Logistics services providers are companies whose main duty is to ensure that cargo is delivered from one destination to another without damaging the goods and within the shortest time possible. These destinations may vary from the local destinations to international ones. This ensures that the company concentrates more on production and leave delivery to the logistic companies. The services they concentrate on are warehousing, transporting and distribution. Some of their transporting services include import-export services, sea cargo shipping, rail freight for places with a good rail network, project cargo management, and shipping of hazardous materials.

The companies are asset based since they own large fleet of delivery vans and trucks and some have got cargo planes. These companies have to be at par with the technological advancements in order to make use of the available technology in ensuring efficiency in their delivery work. There are warehouses also automated in order to make it easy to store and distribute the cargo. They also own large containers to facilitate shipping of different products like food, apparels and both light and heavy duty vehicles.

There are two types of logistics services providers. One of them is the third party. For the third party, they are outsourced by different shipping broker to handle their transportation work. They mainly work on contractual capacity. The other is the fourth party. They mostly deal with the design and implementation of the logistics of a company. Their major assets are the intellectual capacity to come up with the design of the logistics.

These companies enhance operational efficiency by ensuring faster movement of goods and services. They work in harmony with all the parties involved in the supply chain to ensure there is a smooth flow of goods and services. Due to competition in their services, they have resorted to automation of many of their systems. This automation not only saves them time but also reduces the damage caused by the goods.

Before engaging a company offering logistic services it is important to consider some factors. There are many but here are just a few.

One of the factors to consider is the kind of logistics you need help with. This helps one to narrow down on their choices since different companies have specialized on different services. Some have specialized in events and others in storage.

Next, one should consider or how long their services will be needed. This depends on the kind of logistics needed. One should confirm with the company that they will be available within the time they will be needed. This goes a long way in ensuring there is no breakdown in the shipping and distribution within the needed days. It also helps to determine whether they can be sought on a contractual basis or it can just be a onetime business.

One should consider the type of cargo that is being shipped. Some products being shipped may be hazardous or may contain ingredients considered illegal in the place where they are to be delivered. The logistics company should be able to advise on that so that one does not find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Insurance and clearance services are also vital. The company should be able to handle customs clearance in the case where shipping is being done internationally. They should also be able to arrange suitable insurance cover for your goods during transportation. The company seeking the shipping services should provide accurate information on the size, type of cargo and also the destination

The reputation of the company should also be put in mind. One should go for a company which is reputable. There have been many cases of logistics companies duping unsuspecting members of the public. They take goods with the intention of delivery but it never happens and they end up disappearing with the goods. One should go for a company whose services are known to be professional and several other people can attest to the same.

Last but not least, the other factor to be considered includes where the company is located. Where they are based should a place that can be convenient to the company seeking their services.

Shipping and distribution of goods do not have to be hard at all. With the availability of logistic services providers, these can be taken care of without sweat. If the above factors are put into consideration it will be easier to find a good company which meets your logistics needs.

Platform Step Ladder Overview

Platform step Ladder is a self-supporting mobile ladder. These ladders are normally known as Platform Ladders. They are sophisticated ladders that use a work platform as an alternative for your employee to work on. They may probably remind you of the bigger portable ladders which have been continuously used effectively in factories for a very long period.

Platform Step Ladder’s Features

Platform ladders have features that are distinctive. These ensure that you carry out your work well. These features include:

  • They have a non-adjustable length-This means that their length is not flexible.
  • They have a hinged design to ease storage as it if made for use by only a single person.
  • It is mounted at the highest intended standing level.
  • A folding pail (bucket) shelf might also be provided.
  • A maximum work height can be set up by adding the users height and reach to the highest standing level of the ladder.

  • The top platform is surrounded on the 3 sides by a railing that is at least twenty inches higher than the platform surface.
  • They range in size (from 2-18 ft. in length) as measured from the bottom along the side to the top of the platform.


Benefits of Platform Step Ladder

Each time you have work to do that needs working at height, it is good to use the correct and right equipment. When working indoors, platform ladder may be the sensible option as it is better than standing on your household furniture. Many home accidents are as a result of lack of enough care when getting to high heights. Platform ladder might be the best option you have to choose as it has the following advantages:

  1. The platform is designed or a long standing at a specific height and it is significantly simpler on the feet, this is a very important feature as it benefits you. With the regular step ladder, your worker will have a step over the arches of the feet and may cause discomfort with extended use.
  2. The ladders dimension is very useful; it creates an additional secure footing for your employee.
  3. Another pro is, if they get utilized as designed by their layout, your employees will be alienated from dealing with them in leaning them against walls, this is because the reality that the platforms can not fall into position except when the ladder is opened up
  4. When opened up, the platform actually locks the ladder in that position. This feature ensures that they get a weightier and broader position; this creates a good deal to your employee as it gains balance and remains upright.
lightweight platform step ladders
lightweight platform step ladders
  1. The platform might be used as a place to store paints, tools cans and much more, meaning that your employee does not have to hold them while climbing up or down the steps or when working.
  2. It has an extended handrail above the steps which your employee can use to provide another point of contact when climbing the steps. Moreover, a platform locks the ladder into position when in use, this provides stability and rigidity.
  3. The sturdy platform is normally coated with a non-slip surface; therefore, your employee may stand on while working. It might be much comfortable for his back and feet when standing or a longer period of time, and he can be able to reach a larger surface safely.
  4. Some of the platform step ladders are fitted with wheels; this makes it easier for you to move them whenever a job is required at a different place. This saves you money as you don’t have to buy every time you need a job done at a different place.

Usage of Platform Step Ladder

These ladders need a level ground support for each of the four side rails. If this condition doesn’t exist platform ladder should not select for that work.

When climbing up and down, you should face the ladder and maintain the firm hold. You should not carry other objects while climbing.

Never use a platform unless the spreaders are locked and its base is fully opened.

Ensure that the anti-slip feet found at the bottom is in good condition before using it.

Since the braces found on the rear of the platform is not meant for standing or climbing ensure you don’t use them for that purpose.